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Leanne and Gerry - 30/05/2018 - Louvecienne

Wow, that wedding was unlike any other that I ever did ! Welcoming this super friendly scottish family and all their friends to France to celebrate their unique day was such a blessing and I was truly honored to be there to immortalize it ! 

Emilie & Quentin - 22/07/2017 - Vivier Castle

Another great wedding at my favorite place, yayy ! The ruins of the Vivier castle near Paris makes the most perfect location in my eye (and in my lens).

The rain didn't spoil any of the electric joy and energy of the two lovebirds and of their guests !

Tiphaine & Bastien @Somewhere secret - 10/07/2016

This one was a truly unique one; I was really glad being able to mix the two sides of photography I like the most : Romantic photoshoot and urban exploration. Because the three of us shared this taste, we decided to go into the unknown and sneak into an abandonned castle in ruins that I already went to a couple of times. The results are these eery, spooky yet romantic pics that I'm pretty happy about !