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Tiphaine & Bastien @Somewhere secret - 10/07/2016

This one was a truly unique one; I was really glad being able to mix the two sides of photography I like the most : Romantic photoshoot and urban exploration. Because the three of us shared this taste, we decided to go into the unknown and sneak into an abandonned castle in ruins that I already went to a couple of times. The results are these eery, spooky yet romantic pics that I'm pretty happy about !

Margot & Matthieu @Beaubourg - 08/05/2016

It's always a nice challenge to do a photoshoot in a new area of Paris, I was really glad Margot and Matt chose Beaubourg+le Marais neighbourhood for our shoot, we found a nice secluded little park to get the intimate shots and the Pompidou building was just a perfect background for the other ones ! 

New York Couple Photoshoot Sessions - Fall 2015

I had the chance to change scenery for 2 weeks in the breathtaking New York City sublimed by fall colors.. I totally fell in love with the city and exporting my usual workflow with so many amazing and diverse american couples was really inspiring and refreshing !

Angele and Laurent @Lady Eiffel+Royal Angels - 25/05/2015

We decided to wait until the afternoon for this photoshoot as the morning turned out so gloomy and rainy and it was the best decision, look at that wonderful sky ! We had a really good time, Angele and Laurent got a unique chance to practice their wedding smiles only few weeks before their official ceremony :) !


Elise and Ronan @Parc de Sceaux - 12/05/2015

Alright, this photoshoot didn't turn out to be exactly how we intended it to be, we'll blame it on the beautiful yet slightly late Cherry trees !  It seems the blooming is a bit delayed this year, well, nevermind ! We still managed to spend a great morning together, strolling around the beautiful alleys of the park in front of the joggers' curious eyes and under the warming rays of  sunshine !

Perfect way to rehearse for their upcoming wedding next summer :)

Chao-I and Simon @Moonlit Stroll - 22/12/2014

It's always great to walk around the Parisians street at night in good company during a gently cold winter night, when the streets aren't as crowded with tourists as usual and the Christmas atmosphere is surrounding us... That's probably few of the ingredients that made this photo-shoot a really neat one :)

Ludivine and Pierre @Concorde-Alex III - 02/11/2014

Yet again, the lovely unpredictable Parisian weather wasn't on our side (the sun loves to hide under a thick layer of clouds 5 minutes before the start of the shoot for some reason..) but luckily, good attitudes and stunning urban scenery saved the day !