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Karina & Baptiste @Disneyland - 16/11/2016

Oh Goodie goodie, a whole afternoon photoshoot in Disneyland Paris ! Karina & Baptiste were so happy to celebrate their honeymoon in this magical place and honestly, so was I, it truly was an inspiring and fun experience.

Hui-Chi and Chien-Chen @Mesmerising Montmartre - 31/03/2015

This friendly and cheerful couple became Montmartre's main attraction during the time of the photoshoot. Countless tourists stopped a moment to comment on their cuteness or her gorgeous dress and snap a pic of them (while ruining some of mine in the process by staying in the frame grrr ! ). Nevertheless, a totally unhoped for sunny shoot in an otherwise grey and rainy week ! 


Tapati and Antariksh @Lady Eiffel + Moonlit stroll - 17/02/2015

This lovely indian couple got married on Valentine's day in London and just arrived in Paris to celebrate their honeymoon ! Although we only had a few hours and the sun wasn't on our side, we still managed to have a great time together and enjoyed a quiet version of Paris for their intimate photoshoot.

Chao-I and Simon @Moonlit Stroll - 22/12/2014

It's always great to walk around the Parisians street at night in good company during a gently cold winter night, when the streets aren't as crowded with tourists as usual and the Christmas atmosphere is surrounding us... That's probably few of the ingredients that made this photo-shoot a really neat one :)

Ludivine and Pierre @Concorde-Alex III - 02/11/2014

Yet again, the lovely unpredictable Parisian weather wasn't on our side (the sun loves to hide under a thick layer of clouds 5 minutes before the start of the shoot for some reason..) but luckily, good attitudes and stunning urban scenery saved the day !

Hui and Ting @Jardin des Plantes - 01/11/2014

This shoot had to be done in such a rush, thanks to daylight savings !! Anyway, we managed to capture some sweet and lovely moments in this beautiful garden with the sunset on our side ! And sharing stories around a Moroccan mint tea together was a great reward..