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Marine & Léo @ Paris-Le marais - 01/09/2016

Fun little 'toshoot under a scorching sun in one of Paris most trendy yet traditional neighborhood : The marais. Fun fact : the day after this shoot, Leo and Marine flew off to a 2 years long travel around the world !

Elise and Ronan @Parc de Sceaux - 12/05/2015

Alright, this photoshoot didn't turn out to be exactly how we intended it to be, we'll blame it on the beautiful yet slightly late Cherry trees !  It seems the blooming is a bit delayed this year, well, nevermind ! We still managed to spend a great morning together, strolling around the beautiful alleys of the park in front of the joggers' curious eyes and under the warming rays of  sunshine !

Perfect way to rehearse for their upcoming wedding next summer :)

Ludivine and Pierre @Concorde-Alex III - 02/11/2014

Yet again, the lovely unpredictable Parisian weather wasn't on our side (the sun loves to hide under a thick layer of clouds 5 minutes before the start of the shoot for some reason..) but luckily, good attitudes and stunning urban scenery saved the day !

Hui and Ting @Jardin des Plantes - 01/11/2014

This shoot had to be done in such a rush, thanks to daylight savings !! Anyway, we managed to capture some sweet and lovely moments in this beautiful garden with the sunset on our side ! And sharing stories around a Moroccan mint tea together was a great reward..