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Day 1 at the Wedding tradeshow in porte de Versailles !

Pffffiou, what a day ! First appearance in a professional tradeshow for the Nomadist team and we just didn't get a minute to ourselves for the whole day ! It was so great to meet and talk to all those couples about to take the big leap next year and we know already that 2016 will be a busy season, Yay :) !

We also launched our big facebook contest today for one lucky couple to win a free photoshoot, more about it tomorrow night. If you're in Paris don't forget to drop by to the Salon tomorrow for its last day otherwise...See you tomorrow night for part 2 of our diary ;)


Chao-I and Simon @Moonlit Stroll - 22/12/2014

It's always great to walk around the Parisians street at night in good company during a gently cold winter night, when the streets aren't as crowded with tourists as usual and the Christmas atmosphere is surrounding us... That's probably few of the ingredients that made this photo-shoot a really neat one :)