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Leanne and Gerry - 30/05/2018 - Louvecienne

Wow, that wedding was unlike any other that I ever did ! Welcoming this super friendly scottish family and all their friends to France to celebrate their unique day was such a blessing and I was truly honored to be there to immortalize it ! 

Solène & Nicolas - 05/05/2018 - Reilly Castle

The new season started off strong with this awesome wedding. Pure happiness and simplicity in a remote castle... With a such a great couple of spanish and northern France origins, we enjoyed quite a lively and fun reception !

Catherine & Valentin - 09/09/2017 - Courbevoie

Yet another rainy day wedding (the 4th this season !) so I'm starting to get used to it and even have fun with it ! Anyway, spending the day with such a lovely multicultural couple and guests was such a treat.

Fun fact, it has been calculated that 175.000 km were traveled by the totality of the guests to attend their special day :-D !

Benedicte & Philippe - 30/09/2017

That particular day was full of twists and turns, unexpected events may have complicated the organisation but the overall joy took over the general mood and everything turned out for the best in the end :) !

Delphine & Arnaud @Yerres - 10/06/2017

Being able to be the photographer for the wedding of your friends is both a blessing and a big extra pressure on yourself ! With such a funny and heartfelt outdoor ceremony, the couple really treated their guests with a wonderful party.

Kheira & Omar @ Quincy - 12/05/2017

The rain definitely played hide and seek on us on this day but who cares, certainly note this happy couple who was determined to have a great celebration of their love on this special evening!

Emilie & Quentin - 22/07/2017 - Vivier Castle

Another great wedding at my favorite place, yayy ! The ruins of the Vivier castle near Paris makes the most perfect location in my eye (and in my lens).

The rain didn't spoil any of the electric joy and energy of the two lovebirds and of their guests !

Mélodie & Benjamin @Ermont-Eaubonne-29/04/2017

Mélodie and Benjamin planned themselves a great wedding, with a lovely "nature" et genuine theme !

Nina & Gilles @Santeny - 25/03/2017

Here it is, the new wedding season has begun ! And what better way to start it than with this day full of surprises, taking place in my home town ! Spring-Summer 2017 will be awesome :)

Sylvie & Jean @ Le Chalet des iles - 15/10/2016

The last wedding of the season was a real firework of joy and dance ! Took place in the very picturesque restaurant in the little island of Bois de Boulogne.